2020 - 2021 Polaris General XP 1000 Radiator and Mud Guards


Do you know that hole in front of your rear tire that just can’t seem to keep the mud out of it? If you know, YOU KNOW! Thank your buddy for sending you over here, MudBusters has your rear mudguards ready to make cleaning up easier.

We have also added the best accessory for radiator protection, MudBusters Polaris General XP-1000 Radiator Guard Panels. Add to your cart and check out! 

RADIATOR PROTECTION and Rear Mud Guards:  Back again with the best accessory for radiator protection and the must-have rear mudguards!

SAVE TIME: Rear Mud Guards stop the mud from caking up inside the opening in front of the rear tire! Spend less time cleaning up! Also, protect your Radiator! MudBusters is back again with the best accessory for radiator protection. Now available for the General XP-1000!! 

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