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2019 + Polaris RZR XP 1000/ XP Turbo / Turbo S Install Instructions

Fender Flare Installation Instructions Polaris RZR XP 1000 and XP Turbo MAX Coverage Fender Flares

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Thank you for purchasing MudBusters for the 2019+ Polaris RZR XP-1000, XP Turbo, and Turbo S models! We manufacture the best selling fender flare kits for UTVs and side by sides! All of our products are made in the USA with US sourced materials. Your new extended fenders were designed to deflect debris and reduce the amount of mud that typically gets thrown from the tires into unwanted areas. These fenders are made from high quality American made HMW. They can withstand a lot of abuse, but they are not designed for crash protection, absorbing impacts, rollovers, or for uprooting trees. If you have an accident or if you happen to damage your fenders, discounted replacement fenders can be ordered by phone (for existing customers only). Unlike other manufacturers, you do not have to buy a complete set if you damage just one fender.


Some of the pictures in the instructions below may differ from the actual product. In a constant effort to increase customer satisfaction, we may change the style, material, and/or hardware to better serve you. If your fenders get slightly distorted while in transit, apply pressure to the distorted areas to straighten them out before installation.
Use caution when drilling into the factory panels of your vehicle. Make that you do not penetrate surrounding parts or the chassis (unless instructed). Self-tapping screws and push rivets are an effective way to fasten the fender flares to your machine and are provided for an easy installation. However, you can use other methods of securing our extended fenders to your vehicle as well (i.e. rivets, misc hardware, etc). Remember, it may be helpful to have a friend assist you with the installation.


Carefully open your package from the top (or bottom) of the box by removing the staples with a flat-head screwdriver or pliers. Slide the fenders out of the box and make sure that any staples do not scratch your fenders. MudBusters are formed to fit your machine, but are shipped in a narrow box. You may find it necessary to apply pressure and re-bend some of your fenders for a better fit. Don’t worry, they’re very durable and will not break from re-shaping them!

Front Fender Flare Installation

  1. Place the fender flare against the inside of the factory front fender (Figure 1)
  2. On the lower portion of the fender flare, you will notice 3 machined slots. Insert the slots over the clips in the factory fender and manipulate the fender flare until all of the clips are protruding through the machined slots in the fender flare (Figure 2).
  3. Push the inside of the fender flare against the bends in the factory fender. Clamps can be used to assist with holding the fender flare into position.
  4. Insert (1) 1” bolt with washers on each side and a lock-nut into the pre-existing factory hole #1* (see Figure 1&2).
  5. Using a cordless drill with a 5/16” drill bit, drill the additional holes required for installation in the order below. After each hole is drilled, immediately insert a plastic rivet before drilling the next hole (see Figure 1).
  6. Some of the plastic rivets may be difficult to push. We recommend using the backside handle of a screw driver to push the rivet into place.
figure 1 XP 1000 figure 2 RZR XP 1000
*Note: Using a larger drill bit may allow the fender to come off when riding! The rivets need to be a tight fit to secure the fender flare to the fender. We recommend a 5/16 drill bit. Black hardware can also be used for harsh riding conditions and is available on our website for $9.99

Rear Fender Flare Installation

IMPORTANT: The rear section of the fender flare must slip between the factory fender and the rear fascia. As shown below. You will have to drill the rear hole from underneath the wheel-well.
  1. Located on the front inside section of the rear factory fenders, you will see a 6mm threadedbolt that holds the factory fender to the body. Install the supplied L-bracket over the bolt asshown below. Install a 6mm lock nut to secure it in place. Make sure the threads of the U-nut are lined up with the hole in the L bracket.
  2. Locate the 2 plastic push rivets located at the lowerfront section of the rear wheel wells. Remove thebottom and the top plastic rivets securing the factoryfender to the body. Insert the provided U-nut into thefollowing position and realign the fender with the body.
  3. Place the fender flare against the factoryfender. Insert (1) 1" bolt with a washer into the lower bolt hole circled above. Push the fender flare against the factory fender, install a washer,and a lock-nut on the back side.
  4. Insert and tighten down the remaining hardware detailed above. The fender flare will flex inward and seal against the factory fender.
  5. Insert the machined tabs on the upper rear fender into the rear cargo area drain slots. Oncethe desired fitment is achieved, clamp the fender in place (or have your friend continue holding it).BE CERTAIN that the bend of the new fender ispushed up into the factory bend as tight as possible for the next step. You may need to clearance some of the holes if you have any gaps.
  6. Make sure the fender is tight against the bend in thefactory fender and then drill (3)1/4" holes in the middle ofeach slot. It is important to drill from underneath the fenderflare and use the slots in the fenders as guides.
  7. After the holes have been drilled, insert the hardwarefrom the top of the fender flare as shown above. Note: The middle 1-1/4” bolt should be installed as shown. It may be a tight fit, but simply apply pressure from the top and bottom of the fender to get the thread started..
IMPORTANT: The rear section of the fender flare must slip between the factory fender and the rear fascia. As shown above. You will have to drill the rear hole from underneath the wheel-well.
XP1000 Rear Fender Installation XP1000 Rear Fender Installation
Rear Fender Installation

Included in the Front fender kit

  • (2) Front Fender Flares
  • (16)Plastic Rivets (use 5/16 drill bit)
  • (2) 1" Bolts
  • (4) Washers
  • (2)Lock-nuts

Included in the Rear fender kit

  • (2) Rear fender flares
  • (4)3/4" Bolts
  • (4) 1" Bolts
  • (4)1-1/4" Bolts
  • (2)Rear Fender Spacers
  • (24)Washers
  • (10) Lock-nuts
  • (2) 6mm Lock-nuts
  • (2) U-nuts
  • (2) L-Brackets