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2021+ Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 Install Instructions


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Thank you for purchasing MudBusters fender flares for the 2021+ Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 2 model! We manufacture the best-selling fender flare kits for UTVs and side by sides! All MudBusters products are made in the USA, and these fender flares are manufactured from high-quality American made material. Your new extended fenders are designed to deflect debris and reduce the amount of mud that typically gets thrown from the tires into unwanted areas. They can withstand a lot of abuse, but they are not designed for crash protection, absorbing impacts, rollovers, or uprooting trees. If you have an accident or if you happen to damage your fenders, order discounted replacement fenders by phone (for existing customers only). Unlike other manufacturers, you do not have to buy a complete set if you damage just one fender.


Some of the images in the instructions below may differ from the actual product. In our continual effort to increase customer satisfaction, we may change the style, material, and/or hardware to better serve you. If your fenders get slightly distorted while in transit, apply pressure to the distorted areas to straighten them out before installation.
Use caution when drilling into the factory panels of your vehicle. Make that you do not penetrate surrounding parts or the chassis (unless instructed). Self-tapping screws and push rivets are an effective way to fasten the fender flares to your machine and are provided for an easy installation. However, you can use other methods of securing our extended fenders to your vehicle as well (i.e. rivets, misc. hardware, etc.). Remember, it may be helpful to have a friend assist you with the installation.


Carefully open your package from the top (or bottom) of the box by removing the staples with a flat-head screwdriver or plyers. Slide the fenders out of the box and make sure that any staples do not scratch your fenders. MudBusters are formed to fit your machine but are shipped in a narrow box. You may find it necessary to apply pressure and re-bend some of your fenders for a better fit. Don’t worry, they’re very durable and will not break from re-shaping them!

Fender Flare Installation Instructions

Front Fender Flare Installation

*** For better access to hardware, turn the steering wheel for better clearance. ***
  1. Remove 2 bolts (with a 5/32” allen wrench) from the back edge of the front fender, as shown in figure F1.
  2. Place the MudBusters fender flare against the factory fender and align the bolt holes. Insert the factory bolts (that you removed in step 1) through the MudBusters flare back in their original locations as shown in figure F2 and tighten.
  3. Install the supplied self-tapping screws in each of the small hole locations in your MudBusters flare, as shown in figures F2 and F3. Start at the bottom and work your way up towards the front. Check as you go that the front edge lines up with the factory fender.
  4. Add additional screws to fill in any gaps that may remain.
figure 1 rmax figure 2 rmax

Rear Fender Flare Installation

  1. Raise the dump bed
  2. Remove bolts (using a 5/32” Allen wrench) from the upper rear fender (3 bolts) and lower rear fender (2 bolts) as shown in figure R1 and figure R2.(Mudlite remove upper bolts only)
  3. Note: The front bolt location in the upper fender uses a shouldered bolt. Be sure to replace this bolt in its proper location when reassembling
  4. Place upper rear MudBusters flare against the upper factory fender. Align the holes and loosely insert the two rear factory bolts through your MudBusters flare.
  5. Install the supplied self-tapping screws in each of the 5 small hole locations in your MudBusters flare, as shown in figure R3. Start at the back and work your way forward.
  6. Install the front factory bolt and tighten all factory hardware in the upper fender. (Mudlite skip to step 9)
  7. Place the lower rear MudBusters flare against, the lower factory fender. Align the holes and loosely insert factory bolts. DO NOT TIGHTEN AT THIS POINT.
  8. Lower the dump bed and align the outer edge of the upper and lower flares (noted between figures R3 and R4), and tighten the factory hardware.
  9. Install the supplied self-tapping screws in each of the 4 small hole locations in your lower MudBusters flare, as shown in figure R4.
  10. Add additional screws to fill in any gaps that may remain.
figure 3 rmax figure 4 rmax

Lower Door Pocket Installation

  1. Place MudBusters Lower Door Pocket against the lower door, align the bolt holes and insert screws as shown in figures F1 & F2 and tighten.
figure 5 rmax figure 6 rmax

Firewall Splash Shield Installation Instructions

Driver Side Installation

*** Though not required for installation, it may be easier for visibility and access to raise the coolant reservoir from its recess from the top compartment. ***
  1. Place left inner splash shield by splitting and installing around the steering shaft but underneath the wiring for the brake light switch as shown in Figure L1. Continue moving the piece inward until the steering shaft is in the opening and the wiring can rest in the corner cutout as shown in Figure L2 (The upper inside corner may need to be pushed towards the rear of your machine as you move the piece inward). Install the inner-most rivet through the inner-most hole
  2. The left outer splash shield will need to be placed in the opening at an angle and held against the crossbar, as shown in Figure L3. Continue moving the piece upward until it can be rested on the
firewall-1 firewall-2
firewall-3 firewall-4

Firewall Splash Shield Installation Instructions

Passenger Side Installation

*** This installation uses hardware in blind locations; you may not be able to see your hands as you are installing, which may make installation complicated. ***
  1. Before installing your Mudbuster firewall splash shield, open the glovebox and ensure that the bolt shown in Figure R1 is tight, this bolt will be used to install the panel and a nut will need to be installed on the exposed portion of the bolt on the opposite side of the firewall.
  2. Insert the panel behind the outer fender support, and in between the glove box and the box that hangs down as shown in Figure R2 . Be sure to align the three holes with the bolt and the two plastic nipples on the backside of the glovebox panel. Place a washer and locknut on the exposed end of the glovebox bolt and tighten. Be sure that the bolt doesn’t back out as you are tightening the nut. This may require a friend to hold the bolt from the inside of the glovebox.
firewall-5 firewall-6

Included in the fender kit

Front (excludes Mudlite)

  • (24) Self Tapping Screws

Front (Mudlite Only)

  • (18) Self Tapping Screws

Rear Fender Kit (Excludes Mudlite)

  • (22) Self Tapping Screws

Rear Fender Kit (Mudlite Only)

  • (14) Self Tapping Screws

Lower Door Pocket Kit

  • (14) Self Tapping Screws

Firewall Splash Shield Kit

  • (4) Plastic Rivets
  • (1) M6 Locknut
  • 1/4" Fender washer