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Polaris Ranger Midsize (500 / 570) Fender Flares (2015- 2021) Install Instructions

Fender Flare Installation Instructions 2015-2021 Polaris Ranger 570

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Thank you for purchasing MudBusters for the 2015-2021 Polaris Ranger 570! Your new extended fenders were designed to deflect debris and reduce the amount of mud that typically gets thrown from the tires into unwanted areas. These fenders are made from high quality textured HMW. They can withstand a lot of abuse, but they are not designed for crash protection, absorbing impacts, rollovers, or for uprooting trees. If you have an accident or if you happen to damage your fenders, replacement fenders can be ordered on our website and by phone at a discount for existing customers. Unlike other manufacturers, you do not have to buy a complete set if you damage just one.


Some of the images in the instructions below may differ from the actual product. In our continual effort to increase customer satisfaction, we may change the style, material, and/or hardware to better serve you. If your fenders get slightly distorted while in transit, apply pressure to the distorted areas to straighten them out before installation.
Use caution when drilling into the factory panels of your vehicle. Make that you do not penetrate surrounding parts or the chassis (unless instructed). Self-tapping screws and push rivets are an effective way to fasten the fender flares to your machine and are provided for an easy installation. However, you can use other methods of securing our extended fenders to your vehicle as well (i.e. rivets, misc. hardware, etc.). Remember, it may be helpful to have a friend assist you with the installation.


Carefully open your package from the top (or bottom) of the box by removing the staples with a flat-head screwdriver or plyers. Slide the fenders out of the box and make sure that any staples do not scratch your fenders. MudBusters are formed to fit your machine but are shipped in a narrow box. You may find it necessary to apply pressure and re-bend some of your fenders for a better fit. Don’t worry, they’re very durable and will not break from re-shaping them!

Fender Flare Installation Instructions

Front Fender Flare Installation

  1. Remove the bolts circled below.
  2. Insert the fender flare and position it as shown in Figure 1
  3. Add 1 washer to each bolt located behind the tire.
  4. Re-install the bolts and tighten them.
figure 1 ranger figure 2 ranger

Forward Rear Fender Flare Installation

  1. Position the fender as shown.
  2. Add (1) 3/4” bolt in each hole with a washer on each side.
  3. While using a T30 torx socket or T30 screwdriver, hold the bolts in place (from below) while tightening the lock-nuts on the surface side of the fender.
ranger midsize
  1. After installing the upper bolts, washers, and lock-nuts, proceed to the outside edge of the
  2. Starting at the top of the fender, install self-tapping screws as shown. *Note Self-tapping screws are provided because they are effective and easy to install. However, you can use other hardware in this area if you desire.
  3. The last step is to add (2) self-tapping screws to the above location

Upper Rear Fender Flare Installation

*You may find it helpful to remove the entire dump bed for the upper rear fender installation. Have a friend assist you with the removing the dump bed and be sure tounclip any electrical harnesses under the bed. The installation of the L-brackets below is not required, but it will keep the fenders mounted tight against the bed.
  1. Place the dump bed on a flat surface (preferably on a table)
  2. Place the fender flare on the dump bed and align all of the holes (if the holesdo not line up, you may need to modify the hole).
  3. The outer edge of the fender flare will have 3 holes pre-drilled for mounting(3)1.5” L-brackets as seen circled below.
  4. Install the L-brackets on the inside ofthe dump bed with (1) 3/4" bolt, a washer,and a lock-nut on the inside. A 1/4” drillbit is required. The middle bracketattaches to a rib located on the inside ofthe dump bed (in the middle) as pictured to the left. Be certain that the holes in the brackets line up with the holes in thefender flare before drilling.*When attaching the L-brackets to thedump bed, leave a 1/8” gap between the bottom of the bed and the bracket so the fender mounts tight against the bottom of the dump bed.
  5. Proceed to the outside corners and install the L-brackets with u-nuts in the same fashion as previously described.*When attaching the L-brackets to the dump bed, leave a 1/8” gap so the fender mounts tight against the bottom of the dump bed.
  6. Now that the L-brackets have been installed, place the fender against the bed and install (1) 3/4" bolt and a washer into each of the holes circled below.
  7. Place the heat shield against the fender flare (passenger side only).
  8. Use (8) #14x1” self-tapping screws with washers into the 6 remaining hole locations. *Note: We recommend drilling and tapping the holes in the dump bed frame and using standard hardware to secure the fender flare to the frame. However, we provide self-tapping screws for ease of installation.
figure 1 ranger figure 2 ranger
figure 1 ranger

Included in the fender kit


  • (2) Front fender extensions
  • (18) Self-tapping screws
  • (28) Washers

Forward Rear Fender Flares

  • (2) Forward Rear Fender Extensions
  • (16) Self-tapping screws
  • (4) 3/4" Bolts
  • (4) Lock Nuts
  • (8) Washers

Upper Rear Fender Flares

  • (2) Upper Rear Fender Extensions
  • (16) large self-tapping screws
  • (12) 3/4" Bolts
  • (6) Lock Nuts
  • (28) Washers
  • (6) U-nuts
  • (6)1.5" L-brackets