Heavy Duty X3 Carrier Bearing


Why upgrade?

Your factory X3 carrier bearing is notorious for premature wear, leaving you with an undesirable vibration that will lead to other drive train parts failures down the road. SuperATV’s heavy duty carrier bearing is designed to go mile after mile, giving you a long-lasting and smooth ride. 

Greaseable and Fully Sealed 

Unlike the factory bearing, SuperATV's bearing is greaseable and fully sealed, reducing friction. 

Self-Aligning Bearing 

Superior to standard bearings found in others, the SuperATV self-aligning bearing reduces side load on your carrier bearing from the prop-shaft - a must have if you want to keep vibrations to a minimum and the life of your bearing long. 

Two piece design 

Snappy install? Yes. The unique, two-piece design makes install and maintenance a breeze. Rather than pressing on a single bearing, SuperATV's


is easily positioned and then secured in minutes. 

SuperATV X3 carrier bearings are made 100% in the USA and are fully machined using state of the art equipment. 


  • Can-Am Maverick

    X3 :


  • Can-Am Maverick X3

    Max :



  • 6061 Billet Aluminum

  • Greasable


    bearing included