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2020-2024 Polaris Pro XP SUPER ATV Mud-Lite Fender Extensions For Super ATV Fenders

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Have you purchased SuperATV fenders for your RZR Pro XP, and they are not meeting your expectations?

The same functional and best-selling fender flare kits for the RZR family from MudBusters are now available for the Pro XP!

The MudBusters Pro XP SuperATV fender extensions will fill in the gaps and are perfect for catching mud, water, sand, and other debris.

MudBusters MUD-LITE Super ATV Fender Extensions for the 2020-2021 RZR Pro XP extends 4" from the middle, following down the SATV fender gaining 9" behind the front tire. Rear extensions flare out 10" from the tail light and extend 7" tapering down, providing 60% wheel well coverage.

MudBusters fender extensions easily install in minutes. These MUD-LITE flares are a MUST HAVE for your vehicle if you do any riding on semi-wet terrain! If you're sick of the mud and the time wasted on clean-up, our fender extensions are the answer! This kit is for owners who need extra coverage but not the maximum coverage.

  • COMPLETE FRONT AND REAR MUD-LITE KIT: This kit contains four mud-lite fender flares. The front mud-lite flare extends 4" from the middle following down SATV fender, gaining 9" behind the front tire. Rear extensions flare out 10" from the tail light and extend 7" tapering down. Mud-lites provide 60% of wheel well coverage in the front and rear.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: MudBusters fender extensions are pre-formed, allowing for easy installation. The structural rigidity of MudBusters pre-formed fender flares makes a built-to-last and durable product. Every fender flare kit includes hardware and instructions with pictures to install this product in less than an hour.
  • FITS ALL PRO XP MODELS EQUIPPED WITH SUPER ATV FENDERS: Designed to fit all of the Polaris RZR Pro XP models with SUPER ATV FENDERS, this complete kit complements your SUPER ATV FENDERS and provides owners with a solution to the gaps in coverage on the front and rear tires.
  • SAVE TIME: Let's face it, you purchased Super ATV fenders for your machine to give yourself and your passengers better coverage, more time for fun, and less time to clean! MudBusters Super ATV Fender Extensions further reduce the amount of mud and dirt spinning up onto your machine, you, and your gear, adding more time for you to enjoy your ride.
  • MADE IN THE USA: All of our products are made here in the United States from high quality American made materials sourced throughout the country.

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