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2021-2024 Yamaha Wolverine OEM RMAX Overfender Extensions

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ATTENTION: You must have partSKUB4M-F15E0-V0-00 in order for these extenders to fit properly

Those new RMAX2 OEM Fenders sure do look nice. Yamaha did an excellent job on these new fenders!

We think they should come standard on all RMAXs!

At the end of the dayƒ??still lacks some coverage, and if you are reading this, then you already know this. We saw the posts about the ugly MudBusters. A muddy RMAX is not ugly, but an unhappy passenger and hours cleaning up can turn an adventure ugly fast!

Whether you are on the hunt, working on the ranch, or enjoying the trails. MudBusters will be there to protect you, your passengers, and your gear!

MudBusters Max Coverage Front and Rear Fender Flares:

  • adds 9 inch extension in front of your front tire!
  • 3 inche(s) of additional coverage above your front tire!
  • 5 inche(s) in the middle of your front fender!
  • 4 inche(s) of additional coverage added behind your front tire!
  • 5 inche(s) of additional coverage in front of your rear tire!
  • 2 inche(s) above your rear tires!
  • 5 inche(s) of added coverage behind your rear tire!
  • 5 inche(s) extending out past your tail light!

Max is recommended for stock RMAX's with no modifications. Max Coverage UTV Fender Flares by MudBusters provides everyday protection for you and your machine. MudBusters uses a higher quality material that will take on whatever the day brings, working as hard as you do! MudBusters is a USA-based company that is creating jobs here in America where we all like to work and play. Stay protected from the elements on your next adventure and add MudBusters Fender Flares to your cart TODAY!

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