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MudBusters | 2021-2024 Can-Am Commander and X MR | OEM Fender Extensions

Are you ready to go on an adventure?

If so, you're going to need the right equipment. You'll need a vehicle that's tough enough to take on whatever terrain you want to explore. And if you're going to be driving around in the mud, rocks, and sand? You're going to want some extra protection against all of that debris flying around.

MudBusters XMR fender extensions are designed specifically for your Can-Am Commander and are made from high-quality materials sourced throughout the United States. They block more mud and dust than ever before, providing better protection for riders and passengers alike. Plus, they mount on your XMR flares and give you additional inches of coverage—perfect for those who love riding through muddy trails or want to keep their vehicles looking clean at all times!

So don't worry about getting muddy—just get out there!

Your Commander must be equipped with  Part# 715006814 in order for these to fit properly. 


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