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2018-2023 Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Mud-Lite Fender Flares

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Unveiling a new level of vehicle protection with the MudBusters 4-piece Mud-Lite Kit, meticulously crafted for the 2018-2023 Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat XX. Designed with a special focus on shielding key problem areas from mud and debris, this kit offers more than mere protection.

While the front coverage remains unaltered, offering the same level of robust defense as our Max Front Fender Flares, the Mud-Lite Rear Fender Flares offer an added edge. Extending above the rear tires, they effectively shield the vulnerable zone where mud is usually thrown upwards.

Please remember that this kit is tailor-made to fit the Textron-acquired Arctic Cat Wildcat XX models from 2018-2023 exclusively. Let the MudBusters 4-piece Mud-Lite Kit serve as your vehicle's ultimate protective companion on every journey.

Max Front Coverage
  • 10-inch extension in front of your front tire
  • 4 inches of additional coverage above your front tire
  • 2.5 inches in the middle of your front fender
  • 3 inches of extra coverage behind your front tire
Mud-Lite Rear Coverage
  • 2 piece rear kit
  • Extends out above the rear tires to cover the open area

Like all MudBusters products, our Wildcat XX Fender Flares are backed by our Peace of Mind Lifetime Warranty. MudBusters are made of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE), ensuring flexibility and strength, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions and impacts without damage. MudBusters are resistant to chemicals and UV degradation, promising longevity, and consistent performance. MudBusters are not those floppy things that you see out on the trails because we chose unprocessed over reprocessed materials. Our choice of virgin, unprocessed materials, stems from over a decade of innovation and manufacturing right here in the USA. We didn’t settle to make an extra buck, we sided with a high-quality material that complements your vehicle and gracefully manages wear and tear. The installation process is quick and easy, providing you with more time to enjoy your adventures.

Upgrade your off-road experience with MudBusters Mud-Lite Fender Flares, and embark on your next adventure with confidence and a unique look that’s both practical and appealing with less added aggression than MudBusters Max option.

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