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2019-2024 Honda Talon OEM Fender Extensions (Max Coverage)

Product SKU - 91110
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For proper fitment, your Honda Talon must be equipped with Part Number:0SF70-HL6-A01

We heard that many of you couldn't wait to upgrade to the new OEM fenders, hoping to finally rid yourselves of those "ugly" MudBusters. The new Honda Talon OEM fenders look great, we even added them to our machine and kept them on there! But they lack the coverage you need in all the key areas where MudBusters excels. Adding coverage to the key areas where the new OEM fenders are lacking. And don't worry, we kept the "ugly" in mind too - these flares complement your machine.

Max Coverage provides:
  • adds 10 inches of coverage in front of your front tire
  • extra 3.5 inches of protection aboveyour front tire
  • 2 inches of coverage above your rear tires
  • 3 inches of added coverage behind your rear tire
  • 11 inches extending out past your taillight.

Now, we know you might be wondering whether the Max Coverage is right for your ride. If you've got a Talon X (64" wide) with no modifications, Max is the way to go. But if you're rollin' in a Talon R (68"+) and want the ultimate protection, we recommend MudBusters Super Max Coverage. Trust us, your ride will thank you for it.

Honda Talon X owners you can still purchase our Super Max if you want the most coverage we have to offer and you have some real mud-grippin' tires!

But it's not just about looks or the added coverage - MudBusters uses only the best materials that can take on whatever the day brings, working as hard as you do. Plus, we're a 100% American-made company, that's right, MudBusters is an American company that's all about work and play - just like you.

But here's the real kicker: We stand behind our products and services so much that we offer Peace of Mind for the LIFE of the original product, original owner, and original UTV that the item was purchased for. And if you damage or lose a MudBusters product on an adventure, we'll replace it with the same or similar product free of charge. We've got your back, always like an American Made company is expected to do!

Don't settle for OEM fenders that lack adequate coverage. Don't let anyone tell you that your ride is "ugly" - with MudBusters Fender Flares, it's protected and looking fly. So what are you waiting for? Add them to your cart today and prepare to turn heads on your next adventure!

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