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2022 Polaris Ranger SP 570 MidSize Max Fender Flares with Rear Mudguards and Dumpbed Panels

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Designed for the year 2022 Polaris Ranger SP 570 year model only. MudBusters address the unique needs of the 2022 model, that exposed area in the rear wheel wells. MudBusters Fender Flares and mud guards are your ultimate defense against mud, clay, and debris, helping for a cleaner and your components like the battery and accessory plugs are better protected.

Max Front Added Coverage

  • 2.25 inches of extension in front of the front tire
  • 2.25 inches of additional coverage above the front tire
  • 2.5 inches in the middle of the front fender
  • 3 inches of additional coverage added behind the front tire

Max Rear Added Coverage

  • 1.5 inches of additional coverage in front of the rear tire
  • 2.5 inches above the rear tires
  • 2.5 inches of added coverage behind the rear tire

The combo kit includes our specialized Lower Rear Mud Guards, designed for the 2022 Ranger SP 570 Only to cover the small space in the rear wheel wells of the 2022 model, protecting internal parts like the battery and accessory plugs from dirt and debris. If you have the 2023 and newer Ranger SP 570 midsize go here. MudBusters Combo Kit for the 2022 Polaris Ranger SP 570 comes with both the dump bed mudguards, which reduces the mud build up under the dumpbed and MudBusters Lower Rear Mud Guards. The dumpbed panels and lower rear mudguards can be purchased separately. If you want just fender flares order our full set.

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