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2019-2024 Honda Talon 1000X & 1000R Rear Mud Guards

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You've got a Honda Talon, and you're ready to get out there, get dirty, and have some fun. But there's one thing that holds you back...


The mud flying up into the air off your tires and into the gaps located in front of the rear wheels, and it's a nightmare to clean up. This area is susceptible to getting filled with debris from the rear tires and also enters the cab through this exposed section as well!

You need a solutionƒ??and we've got it. We've designed our Honda Talon mud guards to fill in the gap located in front of the rear wheels on your vehicle.

With our custom-made mudguards, you don't have to worry about getting that area covered in mud when you drive through puddles or rollover dirt trails.

Our mudguards protect this area and make clean-up a lot easier! Plus, they don't interfere with your Honda Talon's performance at all, so you can focus entirely on having fun.

And if you're worried about easy installation? Don't be! We include hardware and instructions with pictures for every kit. Plus, we stand behind our products 100% with our Peace of Mind Lifetime Warranty and free US shipping in the lower 48 states. Made in the USA from American materials by people just like you who love playing hard in their Honda Talons!

Fits 2 and 4 seater models!

Note: modification to this product will be necessary if you have Honda Nerf bars or a similar product with the same mounting points.

Each set consists of (2) mud guards, hardware, and instructions. Installation should only take 10 minutes with the proper tools outlined in the instructions.

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