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2020-2024 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 2 Seat OEM Wide Fender Flare Fender Extensions (Mud-Lite Coverage)

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Mud-LiteCoverage! Recommended forKRX 1000 owners who need some extra coverage without the added aggression

So, you spent the money and purchased Kawasaki's KRX 1000 Wide Fenders, or your KRX came standard with these OEM Wide Fenders, yet here you are looking for better coverage. Look no further; MudBusters has you covered. MudBusters allows owners to experience the power and versatility of this machine without wearing what the KRX 1000 powers through. Protection for the driver and passengers for a more enjoyable adventure and less time to clean up.

That's why we've created MudBusters fender extensions forKawasaki's KRX 1000 Wide Fender Flares (Part #: 99994-1324).

Your KRX 1000 Wide Fenders are great for covering up your tires and keeping out the muck, but you just need more coverage.

Mud-Lite Front

  • Does NOT have added coverage above your front tires
  • 4 inches middle of your front fender
  • 5 inches behind your front tire

  • Mud-Lite Rear

  • Rears add 1 inch of additional coverage in front of your rear tire
  • 2.5 inches above your rear tire
  • adding 2 inches of additional coverage besides the rear taillight
  • MudBusters extend the fender so that you and your passengers can enjoy more protection from mud and dirt while you're off enjoying your ride.

    MudBusters fender extensions complement your OEM WIDE FENDERS! They fit all Kawasaki KRX 1000 models equipped with Kawasaki KRX 1000 OEM WIDE FENDERS! Part #: 99994-1324 (YOU MUST HAVE KRX OEM WIDE FENDER FLARE KIT IN ORDER FOR THIS PRODUCT TO FIT)

    MudBusters fender extensions are designed to give you that extra protection from flying mud and dirt, especially when you're riding hard on rough terrain. They're built to last, easy to install (in less than an hour), and they come with all the hardware and instructions you need. And because they're made in America, you can rest assured that they're going to stand up to whatever adventure you can throw at them!

    When it comes to peace of mind, MudBusters has you covered too. These fender extensions are covered by our Lifetime Warranty, so if anything happens to them during normal use, we'll replace them for free!

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