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2021-2024 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Mud-Lite Coverage Fender Flares

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Mud-Lite Fender Flares are recommended for stock Wolverine RMAX 2's that need more coverage but don't want the recommended MAX coverage.

The Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 is the beginning of a new generation of hybrid side-by-sides. This sport/utility is a flat-out performer. However, with the power and incredible versatility of this machine, there is an extreme lack of coverage. Protection for the driver and passengers for a more enjoyable adventure and less time cleaning up! MudBusters Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 fender flares are a MUST HAVE for all owners that need more COVERAGE and PROTECTION!!!

MudBusters Mud-Lite Front and Rear Fender Flare Kit add 2.5 inches in the middle of your front fender and 3.5 inches behind your front tire! MudBusters Mud-Lite Front does not have added coverage above the front tires. The Mud-Lite Fender Flare Kit Only includes Upper Rear Fender Flares and DOES NOT include the lower rear fender flares that go behind the driver and passenger side cab. Upper rear flares attach to your dump bed, adding 2 inches above your rear tire and 4 inches of additional coverage besides the rear tail light!

The photos here are of a stock machine equipped with MudBusters Mud-Lite Fender Flares to see if this kit is for you! Mud-Lite UTV Front and Rear Fender Flares by MudBusters provide everyday protection for you and your machine in a one-piece fender flare design in the front and a one-piece upper rear design! MudBusters uses a higher quality material to take on whatever the day brings, working as hard as you do! MudBusters is a USA-based company that creates jobs here in America where we all like to work and play. Stays protected from the elements on your next adventure and add MudBusters Fender Flares to your cart TODAY!

Product Will Not Fit:

  • Yamaha RMAX4, rears will not fit the 4 seat models
  • Any Yamaha Wolverine X2 or X4, must be the RMAX2
  • Any Yamaha Viking

  • ***If your RMAX2 is equipped with rock sliders it is possible that the rock sliders will continue into the wheel well area! Modification may be needed to install MudBusters.

If you choose to install MudBusters with RMAX2 rock sliders and have to modify MudBusters Fender Flares *RETURNS AND REFUNDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED DO NOT MODIFY UNLESS YOU INTEND ON KEEPING*

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